Hosting, Email, and Management

Business Class Hosting

Reliable website hosting is crucial. Choosing the right web hosting plan for your website needs is critical. I offer assistance choosing assessing a website domain, business email, backup, security, and SSL certificate.
Hosting needs to be reliable: time is money, and for every minute a site or email is down equals lost revenue.

Get business-class website hosting for all sizes of businesses and commercial websites. I offer Virtual Private Server (VPS) without the pain of server administration, backup management, email setup with having me as a pro to manage your services.

My services are selected and tested for performance, reliability, and speed.

I can scale your web presence if needed to ensure that your site stays online and running smoothly. Business website infrastructure needs are not one-size-fits-all. I’m available to create an easy solution or migrate your website if your having issues!

What are the benefits of Business Hosting?

  • Speed and Reliability – Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offers speedy and dedicate resources for your web server’s capacity.
  • Dedicated Resources – Dedicated CPU, ram, and disk space come with your own VPS for your website. These resources will always be available for your website use.
  • Security and SSL Certificates – Securing web hosting is vital. My hosting plans are typically the most secure types of hosting. I offer options for setting up SSL certificates, CDNs, firewalls, and attack protection. An SSL creates a secure, encrypted communication channel between the user and the website. The SSL protects data in transit like credit card information and user-submitted data.
  • Region-Specific Data Centers – Ensure your website loads fast with region-specific data centers. I have most clients on a New York City or New Jersey-based data center since most of my clients are in the Eastern U.S, but other data-centers are available.

What is the Cloud and Cloud Hosting?

The Cloud refers to servers on the Internet. They paid for or leased as a service. A cloud host or cloud-based web server is an online server in a company’s data center. Unlike a physical local, cloud hosting is a server cloud server built to host a website.

Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated Hosting

Hosting can be intimidating for a business or even if your tech savvy. I have over a decade of hosting experience and over five years with VPS and cloud infrastructure. First, let’s start with the basics.

  • Shared Hosting is the most common option and lowest cost option. Although it is beginner-friendly and non-technical, I generally never recommend it for businesses. A shared hosting account is just that, shared. The hosting company will places your site with hundreds, or even thousands, of other websites. Resources, security, and speed are often issues with shared hosting.
  • VPS Hosting fast secure and allows more access than shared hosting, but it is more technical. A VPS is scalable and less expensive than a dedicated server. A VPS is best suited for most business sites, and the services guarantees dedicated resources.
  • Dedicated Hosting is a dedicated server for just your website use. You don’t share the server or resources. The cost is the highest and is generally not required unless the hosting environments need configuration to your exact specifications. Even if the website needs high requirements, a VPS is usually better.

VPS and Cloud Computing

Developers often prefer to work with a VPS. A VPS is a virtual private server that is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. A VPS plan means your very own virtual server environment. It allows control over the operating system, extensions and apps installed, and all their settings.
They give a high level of control over the virtual environment. Running Linux offers access to the root (administrator) account giving a developer the ability to install and modify and give more granular control. Each VPS will be allocated its own dedicated recourse for CPU cores, RAM, and storage.

I work the following VPS providers:

  • DigitalOcean provides cloud servers that developers can use to create hosting environments for their projects. DigitalOcean allows complete control of your web hosting environment. Headquartered in New York City, Digital Ocean was founded in 2011. The company provides data centers worldwide, and it was the first cloud-hosting company to offer SSD-based virtual machines. DigitalOcean has grown to be the third-largest hosting company in the world. I have used Digital Ocean for over five years.
  • Vultr provides high-performance cloud hosting that boasts a global footprint like DigitalOcean. Vultr is reliable and features blazing fast SSD hosting servers. Since 2014, Vultr has been an ultra-reliable developer platform. They are on a mission to simplifying the deployment via an advanced cloud platform. They currently have data-centers around the globe and provide public cloud, storage, and single-tenant bare metal.
  • Netlify offers deployment and management of modern static websites. Netlify offers continuous deployment from Git across Netlify Edge, a global CDN, serverless form handling, support for AWS Lambda functions, integration with Let’s Encrypt, and many other features. For hosting and managing your website, Netlify makes it easy. Founded in 2014, it is a great host for getting a simple live website served.

VPS Management

I utilize UPS cloud server control panel that supports Digital Ocean and Vultr, such as:

  • RunCloud allows me to create, launch, manage and monitor your website, web applications, and services. Runcloud provides a fast, secure, and modern management panel for web servers hosting PHP-based web applications.
  • Cloudways focus on your business website and takes all the hassle out of hosting. Their service is managed with support and includes VPS management. It is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, way to host a website.

Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting

WPEngine and Kinsta are two of the biggest and well-known names in the WordPress hosting industry. To provide state-of-the-art infrastructure, I offer help with the setup and management of both Kinsta and WPEngine. While competitors, they are both the premier cloud WordPress hosting options. Both services utilize the Google Cloud Platform. Both Kinsta and WPEngine are feature-packed with fantastic reputations. Kinsta and WPEngine both hosting for one or multiple WordPress websites. Both offer a CDN, automated backups, staging sites, updated versions of . PHP, and caching.

  • Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting provider that helps take care of all your hosting needs. Their hosting provides services on cutting-edge technology, and they take support seriously.
  • WPEngine provides managed WordPress hosting for business sites around the world. Hosting with them includes access to the Genesis Framework.

Other Hosts

I also support sites on 1&1, A2 Hosting, Bluehost, Dreamhost, GoDaddy, HostGator, Hostinger, inMotion, iPage, SiteGround, and many other share hosts.

Automated and Cloud Based Backups

I provide automated cloud backups to keep your website, database and data backed up in case of an issue. My service includes automatic backups, monitoring of backups, and automating the backup to secure cloud storage.

Business Email

Business Email Addresses

Show you’re in business and look professional with custom email at your company domain. Create personalized email addresses for your employees. I can help you setup:

  •  Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) for secure, private, ad-free, cloud-based business email on your company domain. Having Google provide your email makes it ultra-reliable and includes spam protection and advanced security. Access your email from the web or on the Gmail mobile app.

Transactional Email

Transaction email is an email automatically sent from a website. 

Transaction email occurs when a user does something. It differs from promotional or marketing emails. An example would be if a user signed up on an eCommerce site and bought an item. Then they would receive an email confirming their user account, a welcome email, their order, and when the item ships.

  • MailGun is a transactional email provider allowing websites reliable sending, receive and track emails.
  • SendGrid delivers transactional emails through the world’s biggest cloud-based delivery platform with over 80,000 customers.

Domain Registration

Domain registrars are companies that sell and manage domain names. The registrations of website domains are overseen by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). I can help create, renew, transfer, secure, or add privacy for domain names.

I work with:

  • Namecheap is one of the largest and most reputable ICANN-accredited domain name registrars.
  • PorkBun is an inexpensive, and easy-to-use ICANN-accredited registrar based in Portland, Oregon.
  • Google Domains is a trusted registrar service provided by Google.

Who’s Managing your Website?

I’ve earned the trust of hundreds of businesses who rely on their website to run and grow their business.

I work to make updating and website maintenance easy so we can keep it running smoothly. Maintenance, hosting, and all the foundation items need to be taken care of so I can work growing your business, Search Engine Optimization.

Now, more than ever, I believe success is about being of service. My business model is based on being your “go-to” for your small businesses.

Website Maintenance

Once a website launches, on-going maintenance is required.

Maintenance means keeping the domains paid, hosting paid and updated, a site backed up and the actual site updated and well-maintained. Static sites have a little less to worry about. Most businesses are on CMS and eCommerce sites that require more frequent work.

Fresh Content and Updates

Fresh content is a must. Stagnant websites do not drive customers to your business. If you’re going to have a website, do it right. Visitors look for fresh content, accurate information, and everything to just work.

I support getting websites to rank. That means getting your local business found and write content. Stagnant content that never changes, is bad in the eyes of search engines.

If your look to add functionality I offer development services.

Most business customers (eCommerce or not) are on CMS sites. A CMS (Content Management System) makes it easy to log in and update your site.

Maintenance Options

I offer:

  • Website Maintenance including help keeping your site platform and plugins updated.
  • WordPress Maintenance to ensure your WordPress CMS, plugins, and themes are kept up to date and secure.
  • eCommerce Maintenance to keep your eCommerce platform, shipping modules, and payment processors updated.
  • Hosting, email, backups, and reports.
  • Rock-solid security for your website and hosting with monitoring.