Web Development

Albany, NY Web Developer

I work with company’s to understand their needs and provide efficient programming solutions.

An amazing website functions perfectly. As an Albany web development expert, I can code and develop your website to a professional standard. I have over a decade of experience building websites that are responsive, fast, and optimized.

My web development services include everything from minor help, full websites, to individual projects to automation and integrations.

I deliver astounding web development and design. I specialize in the development and building sales-driving web designs using Search Engine Optimization.


WordPress Website Development

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) developed using PHP, My SQL, and plugins and templates. I have proven expertise in developing WordPress sites, WooCommerce Sites that are simple to complex.

Enhancements to Existing Websites

If you need updates or enhancements to your existing website I can help. Such as adding functionally, adding an eCommerce system, booking platform, or a chatbot.

Development Projects

Being a web developer is about continuous learning, self-improvement, and handling clients’ needs. As a developer, I am fully invested in your business growth and provide professional solutions learning tailored to your unique needs.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to web development companies, so why choose me? As a business owner, it is helpful to have one person who can handle your development, design, and SEO.

Business Automation

Automate your Business by having manual and time-consuming business processes done automatically. Automated tasks done by software can improve accuracy, efficiency, visibility, and compliance as it eliminates the need for workers performing manual-time-consuming tasks prone to error.

Automation allows:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Lower Costs
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Better Customer Service
  • Tracking and Better Reporting

Optimize your online business process. Speed up workflows of processes and increases efficiency, allowing the automation of repetitive tasks. Drives value organization-wide, ultimately freeing up employees to focus on important tasks instead of process rules.

What is Web Development?

Web development is the skill of building and maintenance websites. The work is highly technical make a website function and perform fast with a seamless user experience. Web developers, or “devs”, do this by learning and mastering markup languages, coding languages, frameworks, libraries, frameworks, and hosting, and more.

Web development skills are in high demand.

Front-end vs Back-end

The front-end is what users see, and the back-end is how it works.

The front-end is the user-facing side, and the back-end is the server-side. 

The front end is the visible part of the website, application, or app to a user. The front end is how the user interacts. Front-end web developers implement web designs. Any page layout, navigation menus, or look of a website has probably been designed and implemented by a front-end developer. Layout, design, and interactivity are all their domain. Front-eEnd Web Developers focus on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, responsive design principles as well as frameworks.

Back-end development is what powers the internet. Back-end development handles the ‘behind-the-scenes’ functionality of websites. The back end includes the hosting, database, server, and applications that power the front end. It’s building blocks, code, and services that connect a website to a database, manages user connections, and powers the site itself. Back-end web developers work primarily with coding, data, databases, logic, server-side languages like PHP, email, and hosting.

There is also full stack development. Which is both front end, and back end development.

I Provide Full-Stack Development

Small businesses and eCommerce website projects require front-end and back-end development. As a full-stack developer, I can offer solutions for both the front-end and the back-end. I have over 10-years of working with different corporate and freelance jobs all over the world. I developed strong expertise in what works.