Clean Sweep Frederiksted SEO Audit

See how I helped Clean Sweep Frederiksted on a Search Engine Optimization Audit.

Who is Clean Sweep Frederiksted?

Clean Sweep Frederiksted is a non-profit with the mission to support the economic development and revitalization of the Frederiksted historic district. They help increase community pride, improves the quality of life, builds a foundation for economic revival, and generate tourism for Saint Croix. They have been making a difference since 2014 when they started community island clean ups.

What did Clean Sweep Frederiksted need?

Clean Sweep Frederiksted needed an SEO Audit and assessment of their current website, along with actionable steps to fix on-site SEO issues and a list of high-prioiry items that will increase traffic to their website via organic search.

I saw a volunteer opportunity as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist and helped Clean Sweep Frederiksted assess the website’s current SEO and gain actionable steps to increase traffic to their website via organic search.

Why was this Project Important?

Clean Sweep Frederiksted is about to launch a new initiative that will have a major long-term impact on Frederiksted, Saint Croix community. Getting an initial audit for their websites is an important first set for connecting with the local community, potential donors, and supporters.

If the project was completed by a Catch A Fire volunteer it would save the non-profit an estimated $5,767. These savings would allow Virginia Clairmont as the Executive Director, to direct funding into the community.

What did I Deliever?

Over 14th days, from April 13th to April 27th, 2021 I was able to meet with Virgina mutiple times and assess the website.

I was able to deliver an Search Engine Optimization audit with a list of specific recommendations. The final result was 20-page report with accompanying documentation.

What did Virginia Clairmont have to say about my work?

“Eric is knowledgeable, professional thorough. The feedback and report he provided us will help improve the functionality of our website and pace the implementation of those changes.”

Virginia Clairmont – Founder and Executive Director

Catch A Fire Project

You can view the Full Catch A Fire Project at–search-engine-optimization-audit.

About the author

Eric Harrison is a freelance SEO at Albany Viking.