Code of Conduct and Ethics

Standards of Business Conduct

I believe my clients are always my top priority — but I firmly believe in professionalism, honesty, and accountability for all of my work and all of my clients.

Conducting business ethically, doing the right time and providing professional work is important to me.

With over a decade of professional experience. I seek to provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO), technical SEO, and PageSpeed optimization services. My focus is on business and eCommerce websites. Additionally, I web development, design, digital advertising, PPC, hosting, and management services to my clients. I strive to achieve complete all projects to the best of my ability and meet my clients’ goals while adhering to this code of conduct and ethics:

Code of Conduct

For all projects I follow the following code of conduct with all clients:

  1. I will keep all agreements I make.
  2. I work with clients to set realistic expectations and goals. I will not make or agree to unreasonable, hard to reach, or impossible expectations.
  3. I will communicate to my client if I didn’t reach a goal or I am unable to perform a task.
  4. I treat all clients professionally, equally, fairly, and without bias. Our communication and relationship will be based on honesty.
  5. I will be transparent about my process, rates, and fees for the project or ongoing monthly retainers. I most commonly bill monthly or project-based.
  6. I will be clear on what our roles and expectations are. I will maintain a high level of competence.
  7. I will always work to the best of my abilities to ensure timely delivery and successful project.
  8. I will protect sensitive information given by clients and customers as private and confidential. Secured servers (SSL encryption) connections will perform ll credit card transactions.
  9. I will protect confidentiality in regards to any information that I become privileged. I agree not to publish any testimonials, case studies, or business information without the clients consent unless stated in a contract.
  10. I will be direct with my clients. I want to keep projects on track for time and success. Driving success is making the most of the time you pay me for and completing the highest priority tasks and items that will have the most impact.
  11. I will raise concern for any project or activity that is wasteful, harmful, or doesn’t not match our agreed-upon goals.
  12. I respond promptly to client communication.
  13. I will be prompt for all in-person, online meetings, and phone calls.
  14. I will be available to contact by phone at +1-518-380-6590, or email [email protected] and it will be easily found on my website.

SEO Ethics

  1. I never guarantee my client’s first page rankings. We (the client and I) do not control Search Engines, Search Engine algorithms, or competitors’ websites. Search Engine algorithms continually update with core and minor updates. I do work to increase or retain the rankings, increase conversions and return on investment for my client’s site to the best of my ability within our contract, project, or agreement terms. We have no control over the Search Engine algorithms or what competitors will be doing, chaining or updating.
  2. You will keep you updated on the progress and what has been done or achieved. I keep you up to date on the progress and what has been done or achieved. I work in project management tools and also can provide reports, emails, or meetings.
  3. I use white-hat tactics. I attempt to get my client’s website to outrank competitors on search engine results pages and keep them there.
  4. I never intentionally practice in any way that may harm my client’s website, business, or brand. This includes any known action to get my client’s website penalized or removed from the search engines.
  5. I endeavor to be up-to-date on the rules and guidelines processes for search engines. I never will knowingly use tactics or techniques known to get sites penalized or removed from the search engine indexes or directories.
  6. I work to gain new knowledge with SEO, search engine algorithms, and changing website technologies.
  7. I try to ensure nothing violates copyright laws or infringing on trademarks. I will not send any spam email nor doing anything to damage the reputation of your domain name.
  8. I work to make the web a better place. I will provide accurate information and will not intentionally deceive or mislead consumers or search engines.

My Search Ethics are based on the SEO Code of Ethics by SEO Professionals Service Association (SEOPSA). I also apply these to my Digital Advertising and PPC services.

Web Development Ethics

These apply to my web development and design services.

  1. I will uphold honesty and fairness in treating my clients by giving my best effort in finishing projects within the agreed time and budget.
  2. I will strive to build the best sites that load fast, are modern, and clean.
  3. I will design while putting in mind the easiness and speed of user experience.
  4. I will give my clients rights and full access to their accounts related to their website, including website logins, hosting, domain names (unless otherwise agreed).
  5. I will not distribute or use any unlicensed, malicious, or pirated software in my projects.
  6. I will protect the Internet and its users to the best of my abilities, and knowledge.
  7. I only take on development or design work I believe I can deliver.
  8. I strive to continue keeping pace with changing website technologies, CMS platforms, eCommerce platforms, security, and hosting solutions.
  9. I will test and document all projects.

My Agreement

As a professional, I agree with this code of conduct and these ethics. I will adhere to this code and these ethics my clients.

Client Code of Conduct

All my clients I ask to agree to follow a code of conduct as well, including:

  1. You can feel free to ask any questions, and will ask for updates.
  2. You will communicate your business, needs goals, and our progress together. You will speak up with any needs, changes, updates, or if something is not going as planned.
  3. You will treat Eric of Albany Viking, professionally and our communication and relationship will be based on honesty. You hired Eric of Albany Viking for his knowledge and professional experience and will work with him in such away.
  4. You will inform Eric of Albany Viking needs and changes for relevant services.
  5. You will always work to the best of my abilities and deliver Eric, of Albany Viking, everything he needs to ensure the timely delivery and success of every project.
  6. You will be keep your agreements, be prompt and make payment for any rates and fees for projects or ongoing monthly retainers once an agreement or contract is signed.
  7. You will be prompt for all in-person, virtual meetings, video calls, and phone calls.
  8. You understand and guarantee all assets provided I have ownership of and are subject to the Copyright Law of 1976. (17 U.S.C. §§ 101-810 & 44 U.S.C. §§ 380 & 2113; 18 U.S.C. § 2318).
  9. You understand and adhere to email marketing and email communication governed by the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.
  10. You understand and agree we do not control Search Engines, Search Engine’s algorithms, or competitor’s websites. Search Engine’s algorithms are continually being updated with core and minor updates. Increasing or retain the rankings, and increase conversions and return on investment is time-consuming and an often-difficult long-term strategy. We have no control over the Search Engine algorithms, or what competitors will be doing, chaining, or updating.